My world is all about color. When I look at an object such as a tree trunk, I don’t just see browns; I see grays, greens and golds too. In other words, my world is awash with color.

Born with crayons in both hands, I’ve experimented with different media, techniques and approaches to my art. I mostly work in oils because their richness and depth of color captures the brilliance and intensity of the subject I want to portray. But I also dabble in acrylics and watercolors which have their own unique characteristics.

I’ve tried different painting styles but keep returning to one of disjointed, colored shapes. This color-block style lets the canvas show through between shapes of color, becoming an outline for each shape, similar to a stained glass or mosaic composition. This style affords me the opportunity to emphasize just the essence of my subject — its minimal shape, it maximum color and only its most basic attributes.

Since my move from my life-long hometown of Bethesda-Chevy Chase to Deale, Maryland, artistic subjects regarding the Chesapeake Bay have given me new inspiration. I’m artistically invigorated by the wildlife I see in my front lawn and the flowers that bloom in my yard.  These are the subjects of most of my paintings.

If you’d like to see more of my works, please read my Exhibitions page to see where I’ll be showing near you. Thanks for visiting.