Quarry No.1

32 x 36
Oil on Canvas
Reproductions Available

I am very interested in quarries. The gradations of color in the rocks mostly catches my eye and, of course, the perspective is fun to try to recreate in my color-block style.


Glass Snowy

Working Artists Forum


315 High Street, Suite 106
Chestertown, MD 21620 United States
May 2 – May 27, 2018
Opening Reception
May 4, 5-8pm




Of a Feather: Birds in Art

May 25-August 26, 2018

13481 Dowell Road
Dowell MD. 20629

May 25, 2018


Come to the Mitchell Gallery at St John’s College in Annapolis to see an exciting exhibit from Anne Arundel County residents/workers. I will have my Spar No.2 among the chosen few juried into this show. Looking forward to seeing you Tuesday May 23rd from 5-7PM at our artists’ reception.


Glass Snowy

9 x 15
Enamel on Glass

Yet another painting on glass that I repurposed after my hairdresser swapped out a glass shelving unit for a wooden one. Thank you Joanne Riley! This snowy white egret was perched on a limb hanging over the embankment on the back creek near our home. Couldn’t wait to get him on canvas, or glass as the case might be!!


Almost Ready

14 x 11
Gouache Watercolor

After a nearly two-year hiatus from painting I renewed my brush techniques with this watercolor of almost-ripe grapes. Thanks to my mad gardener daughter-in-law in southern California for the inspiration!


Drill Press

8 x 10
Pencil on Drawing Paper

Needed a drawing to be considered for a local artists’ association but I didn’t have any sketch I was interested in taking to the next level. So I started going through recent photographs and I found one of a piece of equipment I had seen while on a tour of the Smithsonian’s Office of Exhibits Central facility. (Thank you Lora Moran-Collins!) They had such neat, huge machines there 🙂 Anyway, here’s my take on their mammoth-sized drill press.


Dive! Dive!

16 x 12
Oil on Gessoboard
Original $300

This menhaden is diving as fast as he can because he knows he’s about to become bait for our striped bass (rockfish) charter expedition. This species is essential to the Bay because it is a filter feeder for lower organisms and prime food for rockfish, and bluefish. This beauty helped me catch a 35” rockfish on our outing!


Crab No.7

Enamel on Glass
15.5 x 9.75

Anyone who knows me – or visits this website – knows that, next to birds, I love crabs best 🙂 I just love crabs’ jointed exoskeletons! And thus this painting, my seventh of a crab. This sook – a mature female – has been washed up to the water’s edge but is far from damaged or harmless. She’s ready to snag anything that gets within reach with her bright red claws, so beware!


Is that Dinner?

14 x 24
Oil on Canvas
Reproductions Available

I was watching this fella who was perched on a dead-fall of our old maple tree but he was not watching me. Rather he was watching a dinner prospect in our neighbor’s yard. I was very happy he was looking in that direction and not in my yard where my toy poodle was wandering the property. You can never be too careful with a small pet, especially in the Spring when the recently-returned osprey and other large birds might attempt a pet-snatch. Yes this guy is a predator but he’s also a very beautiful creature, especially his bright red shoulders!