Bethesda Home


11 x 8
Gouache on Watercolor Paper

For the holiday I gave each of my four children a watercolor painting of their childhood home in Bethesda, MD. Since we lived there for 29 years, we each have memories of good times in the home and the neighborhood, Wyngate, near the National Institutes of Health. The house, as you can imagine, went through a number of changes over the years including adding vinyl siding, changing the color of the shutters, and adding or tearing out plants, shrubs and trees. But constant during these alterations/renovations were the cherry blossom trees lining the road, with their beautiful pale pink flowers that lasted maybe three or four days and then their ugly purple berries that festered in the summer heat then popped, oozing their purple fluid all over the sidewalk, cars and lawns, leaving their virtually permanent dye on anything and everything. Yes, I hated those trees but loved the home and the life we lived in it. That’s why I chose to paint the trees depicting that short phase when they have leaves but no blossoms or berries.