Spar No.2


18 x 24
Enamel on Plexiglass
Original: $625
Reproductions Available

My friend and fellow artist Sandi Ritchie Miller creates beautiful pieces using enamel paints on lucite. Always up for trying something new, I decided to give it a try on Plexiglass. I found out it was a lot more difficult to get the paint to stick on lucite than on canvas but it was fun playing with a new surface. Here’s a composition inspired by a trip to the Annapolis Maritime Museum. There was this old skipjack lying in the yard behind the museum with all its metalwork rusted and nasty…I loved it! So I just had to paint it.



36 x 24
Oil on Canvas
Original: $675
Reproductions Available 

When we went sailing in San Diego Bay with my son, I looked up and saw the most exhilarating site – full sails 🙂 What a great time we had that day. So much fun, in fact, that we came home and dusted off the sail boat in our yard and repaired its sails so we could enjoy sailing on the Chesapeake.