Dive! Dive!

16 x 12
Oil on Gessoboard
Original $300

This menhaden is diving as fast as he can because he knows he’s about to become bait for our striped bass (rockfish) charter expedition. This species is essential to the Bay because it is a filter feeder for lower organisms and prime food for rockfish, and bluefish. This beauty helped me catch a 35” rockfish on our outing!



20 x 10
Oil on Canvas
Reproductions Available

Late August, right before the ospreys headed south for the winter, my neighbor and I were chatting the in yard and noticed an osprey on a dead fall in our big, old maple tree. The osprey had caught a croaker and the croaker was letting everyone know he wasn’t happy. He croaked and croaked and croaked. Impatient, the osprey few off with the croaker croaking his heart out. I decided then and there to paint a tribute to that brave fish.


View From Within

11″ Diameter Porthole
Enamel on Glass

Bought a couple really neat portholes planning to paint water scenes on the glass. Here’s the first one (although it’s  numbered No.2…oops.) It was first hanging at an art gallery and gift shop in Deale, Off the Bay Gallery and Gifts.


Here Fishy, Fishy!


8 x 22
Enamel on Lucite
Original: $350
Reproductions Available

My good friend, Sandi Ritchie Miller, gave me what she considered to be a junk piece of lucite which I intended to use as a palette to experiment with the new enamel paints she had given me. I wasn’t sure how they would mix and flow, so a junk piece of lucite seemed to be just the right tool at the right time.

However (isn’t there always a “however”?) the more I looked at that piece of lucite the more I saw fish and shells and greenery. What could I do? I had to paint it.

And so, the throw away piece of lucite became my next painting.

Glub, glub…



48 x 20
Oil on Canvas
Reproductions Available 

This oil painting of a rockfish was done as a request for my husband. The original is quite long and is mounted in our kitchen between the windows over the sink and the skylight. Turns out I can paint fish — I had my doubts going in. My husband still has his doubts as he was expecting a realistic representation of a rockfish! Silly hubby…


Tropical Fish Vase


I am much happier with my second attempt at pottery. It did, in fact, exit the kiln very similar to how it went in 🙂  Although painting on bisque is more difficult than on canvas or paper, it was fun to experiment with another medium. And, since this vase sold the first day it was exhibited, obviously someone else thought it was a nice piece as well — always welcome reinforcement 🙂