Drill Press

8 x 10
Pencil on Drawing Paper

Needed a drawing to be considered for a local artists’ association but I didn’t have any sketch I was interested in taking to the next level. So I started going through recent photographs and I found one of a piece of equipment I had seen while on a tour of the Smithsonian’s Office of Exhibits Central facility. (Thank you Lora Moran-Collins!) They had such neat, huge machines there 🙂 Anyway, here’s my take on their mammoth-sized drill press.


Spar No.2


18 x 24
Enamel on Plexiglass
Original: $625
Reproductions Available

My friend and fellow artist Sandi Ritchie Miller creates beautiful pieces using enamel paints on lucite. Always up for trying something new, I decided to give it a try on Plexiglass. I found out it was a lot more difficult to get the paint to stick on lucite than on canvas but it was fun playing with a new surface. Here’s a composition inspired by a trip to the Annapolis Maritime Museum. There was this old skipjack lying in the yard behind the museum with all its metalwork rusted and nasty…I loved it! So I just had to paint it.